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1) Who is Elac’s permanent Academic Manager?
2) Why was the structure of the organisation set out as a cloud or web rather than a hierarchy?
3) Roughly how many students does Elac accommodate in the summer?
4) Five 'planning' roles were identified on the diagram. They were:
5) You don't think you are being paid the correct amount. Who do you see?
6) A piece of sports equipment is broken and dangerous. Who do you alert?
7) You have a problem with your accommodation. Who do you alert?
8) A student has told you he/she is in the wrong class. Who do you alert?
9) Who is responsible for student welfare?
10) Which of the following qualifies as a Child Protection issue and should be handled differently?
11) If you identify a Child Protection Issue you should ...
12) You think you hear a bit of nasty name-calling in the corridor outside the room you are in. What do you do first?
13) A student comes to you to tell you they have been attacked by another student or students. What do you do?
14) What should you bring on your first day of the course?
15) In our zig-zag programme, students are divided into 2 groups (Red and Blue) and…
16) What are NOT the aims of the first day?
17) If a student discloses that a Group Leader has behaved inappropriately, doesn’t want you to tell anyone. What do you do?
18) What would be suitable clothing to wear whilst teaching?
19) You wake up feeling unwell. What do you do first?
20) Why does Elac have policies and procedures?