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General-purpose links page.

Here you will find some links to resources and information which we hope will be helpful to you whatever your role in Elac.

If you discover other really useful pages we have missed, let us know and we'll add them to the lists.

Excursion destinations – find something out about where you are going and impress the Group Leader and the students! Ideas for activities.  Here's where to look if you are stuck for what activities to do.  Some classroom ideas, too.


Buckingham Palace (Wikipedia article)

Covent Garden market

History of London (Wikipedia article)

London Hut (a one-stop directory of London attractions)

St Paul's (Wikipedia article)

The British Museum

The London Eye

The London Olympics official site

The National Gallery

The Natural History Museum

The Official London Theatre Guide

The Tate Gallery

Time Out London Guide

Top 10 London Museums

Top London Attractions (guides to and short descriptions of London’s main tourist draws.  Lots of links to other sites.)

Transport for London – check before you go!

Westminster Abbey (Wikipedia article)

South east

Brighton: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Christ's Hospital School (Wikipedia article)

Eastbourne: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Eastbourne College (Wikipedia article)

Hastings: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Horsham (Wikipedia article)

Mayfield (Wikipedia article)

Mayfield School (Wikipedia article)

South Downs (Wikipedia article)

Sussex tourist information

South west

Bath: Wikipedia article | Things to do and see | Council site

Bath Chronicle

Roman Baths

Salisbury: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Stonehenge: Wikipedia article | English Heritage tourist information

Winchester: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Midlands, eastern and northern England


Cambridge: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Chatsworth House

Manchester: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Nottingham: Wikipedia article | Council site | Tourist information |

Nottingham University

Oxford: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

York: Wikipedia article | Tourist information


Big Pit Museum

Cardiff: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Swansea: Wikipedia article | Tourist information

Wales: Wikipedia article | Government site

Outdoor sports and games

Group games – a rather worthy site with lots of cross-cultural and 'improving' games

Ideas for games and sports – a searchable database of great game and sport ideas

Ideas for games 1 – an unordered site for youth workers with some good ideas

Ideas for games 2 – a good site for games for younger kids

Ideas for treasure hunts – and scavenger hunts

Ideas for party games – a site mostly for parents with worthy advice but some ideas for games

Ideas for outdoor games 2 – a US site with some twists on old ideas

Race games – 8 ideas for races

Sport rules – a Wikipedia article with links to all the major sports rules and regulations

Art and Crafts

Art for teenagers – lots of good ideas but look early so you can twist the Academic Manager's arm for supplies!

Crafts for teenagers 1 – an A-Z listing of hundreds of ideas many of which don't need expensive materials.  Each idea has a list of what's needed.

Crafts for teenagers 2 – this is part of the same site as the first in this list but focused on crafts not art

Ideas for teaching art – a UK site intended for teaching ideas so more serious than many

Paper aeroplanes – not as simple as it sounds

Paper aeroplane – one great idea

Colour theory – a good place to go to learn about colours and how to use them

Party ideas – fancy dress, teenage party games, quizzes, rainy day activities etc.

15 teenage party games – one or two of the ideas are also suitable for classrooms

Fancy dress DIY ideas – a site mostly of links to other sites so you or the students will have to hunt around for something practical given the resources they have

Group games 1 – most ideas are for the younger end of the scale

Group games 2 – an American site with religious overtones but some good ideas for classes as well as activities

Online quizzes – all online only but good language practice and lots of interesting quizzes

Party games 1 – an A-Z listing with some sound advice about running games

Party games 2 – 10 slightly unusual ideas

Party games 3 – a site with some unusual and complicated games or with twists on old ideas

Party games 4 – a bit variable because ideas are submitted by readers

Quizzes 1 – Seventeen magazine

Quizzes 2 – lots of links to free, printable quizzes

Quizzes 3 – all online quizzes but some could be amended to print out if you have the time.  Also useful if you are stuck for question ideas.

Quizzes 4 – a links page to other quiz sites so it'll take a bit of time to find what you want

Quizzes 5 – again, these are designed as online quizzes but there are hundreds of them, usefully classified in topics (personality, lifestyle etc.)

The Quiz Zone – over 700 quizzes on a range of topics, all printable.  This site also has a trivia database where you can create your own quiz online and print it out.

Silly party games – lots of ideas for really silly games

Teen magazines, index of  (some outdated links)


Train tickets and times



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