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1) Which of these is NOT one of the aims of the Activity Leader induction?
2) Who will be involved with delivering the activity programme?
3) Who is the person directly responsible for organising and planning the activity programme?
4) How long to daytime activity sessions usually last?
5) What is NOT the purpose of the Core Activities?
6) Have a look at the centres we run in the UK throughout the summer on our marketing website; www.elac.co.uk. Which of these is not an educational visit destination we include in our programmes?
7) On educational visits students often get supervised free time to go shopping, relax or visit a place of interest.
8) How many programmed full-day educational visits do students usually go on in a 2-week course?
9) On a free day, what of the following is NOT an option for students?
10) If you have an Airport duty, which of the following should you remember to take with you to the airport?
11) What does a meal duty usually involve?
12) Which of the following is NOT a responsibility you will have whilst leading an educational visit?
13) What WON’T you find in the Activity clipboard?
14) When will you be given the “Tips of the Day” to help you prepare successful activity sessions?
15) When will the Activity Manager aim to observe you delivering an activity session?
16) What is the Educational Visit Feedback form for?
17) What will you find in the Educational Visit Kit?
18) What do we NOT expect from you while you are working on an Elac course?
19) When communicating with students, it is better if;
20) What is a good way to check you have been understood by students?