Activity Programme

The Activity Programme, which is organised by the Activity Managers and (mostly) delivered by the Activity Leaders, is an important element of our courses. The activities allow the students to practise their English outside of the formal classroom environment with other students and our Elac Activity Leaders. It also provides students with a great opportunity to mix with other nationalities and to make new friends. Part of the support we provide to our staff delivering the activity programme are some pre-designed Activity Plans. These are to help you provide structure to the sessions, so that the activities are engaging, fun and a productive use of the student’s time. Additionally, James Robinson, one of our long-serving Activity Leaders with a great deal of experience in planning and managing these types of programmes, works with us in a supporting role. In the summer he visits all our centres, and working with all our activity teams, to enable them to deliver the best activity sessions possible.

You can find some of the Activity Plans for sports and art & crafts here: