Continuous Professional Development

Support and Weekly Workshops

Elac prides itself in its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, and receives positive feedback year after year from teachers who appreciate this training and support. The Senior Teacher and Academic Manager offer ongoing guidance regarding, for example, lesson planning, using warmers and fillers, adapting materials, and classroom management. They also hold short 20-minute weekly workshops to share practical ideas, which can be used the very next teaching day.

Lesson Observations, Feedback & CPD Workshops

The Elac Academic Support Manager offers teachers even further CPD. The Delta-qualified manager will observe you at least once, and then give you constructive feedback both on paper, and face-to-face. This feedback session gives you the opportunity to discuss your lesson and talk through your strengths and areas which can be developed. The Elac Academic Support Manager also runs an evening CPD workshop which focusses on a little theory and interesting teaching ideas which can be applied to both summer school, and year-round teaching.