These are the correct answers of the exercise:

  • L1: Is in overall charge of student welfare in a centre. = R2: The Assistant Centre Manager.
  • L2: Is primarily responsible for planning the activities programme. = R7: The Activity Manager.
  • L3: Is in charge of the centre. = R3: The Centre Manager.
  • L4: Is most concerned with day-to-day teacher support. = R8: The Academic Manager.
  • L5: Makes sure that individual activities and excursions run well. = R1: An Activity Leader.
  • L6: Plans the week’s teaching programme. = R4: A teacher.
  • L7: Looks after a group of students from a single agent. = R5: A Group Leader.
  • L8: Arranges group leader meetings. = R6: The Group Leader Co-ordinator.