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1) Which of these is NOT one of the aims of the Teacher induction?
2) How many lessons are there per teaching day?
3) Are the same students taught in the morning and afternoon?
4) What is NOT the aim of the lessons?
5) Which are NOT Elac lessons?
6) Why is it important to use the Elac lessons?
7) Which tests do students sit?
8) What should be covered in Day 1 contracts?
9) What is NOT covered in the Code of Conduct?
10) How can you encourage students to speak only English in class?
11) What should teachers do if there are any issues in class?
12) What do students NOT do on their first day?
13) What do teachers NOT do on the first day?
14) Why is the first day so important?
15) Some students arrive outside changeover days. What can you do to integrate them into the class?
16) Who can you turn to for support during your time with Elac?
17) What training is offered during your time with Elac?
18) What do students NOT do on educational visits?
19) What should you do before going on an educational visit?
20) What does Elac expect from you on educational visits?